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Break the Record: LIVE 5 – Spelunky 2 – Final Standings

Announcement – 19/01/2021

Spelunky 2 – Final Standings

Over three days at the start of January 2021 nine of the best Spelunky 2 speedrunners faced off over two categories as a part of ESA’s Break the Record: LIVE. The competition was fierce, with the lead and leaderboards changing often. Despite this, d_tea took first place in both events, with a 14:39 time in All Shortcuts + Tiamat and a 1:00:30 time in Cosmic Ocean.

ESA is pleased to confirm the following final standings in full.

All Shortcuts + Tiamat

Position Player Time Prize Money
1 d_tea 00:14:39 $1,000
2 Krille71 00:15:47 $700
3 twiggle 00:16:10 $400
4 Groomp 00:16:46 $300
5 Baq 00:16:50 $250
6 Hectique 00:17:20 $200
7 BlueCadet-3 00:18:19 $150

Cosmic Ocean

Position Player Time Prize Money
1 d_tea 7-99 (01:00:30) $1,500
2 Hectique 7-99 (01:02:28) $1,000
3 Spef 7-99 (01:22:34) $700
4 twiggle 7-99 (01:35:14) $600
5 Krille71 7-99 (01:41:46) $500
6 Xanagear 7-99 (02:23:30) $400
7 Groomp 7-89 (01:44:35) $300

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Break the Record: LIVE 5 – Spelunky 2 – Final Standings2021-01-19T17:51:55+01:00

Return of Round Tables & Content Policy Update!

Announcement – 15/12/2020

Round Tables

ESA is pleased to announce the return of round tables. A round table is when a group meets to discuss specific topics. These have been a way for us at ESA to communicate updates to our community live on Twitch. Starting January 2021, we will bring round tables back to discuss and inform you on current matters.

You can email future topics, questions, concerns or suggestions to Each month we will pull topics from the community to share our thoughts on.

The first episode of the round table is scheduled for January 11th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Content Policy

Today ESA is announcing improvements to our content policy that will make it easier and more transparent for runners who have taken part in ESA events to showcase their runs on their own YouTube channel.

We have launched a simple form to request a reupload licence. Applicants can assume when applying that permission will be granted, subject to a few conditions outlined on the content policy. ESA commits to replying to requests within a few working days.

Permission can be requested for any run from any era of ESA, so long as an officially hosted copy of it exists on ESA or Twitch.

You can find a link to apply for permission within our revised content policy.

Return of Round Tables & Content Policy Update!2020-12-15T17:34:52+01:00

The future of (is now secured by ESA)

Announcement – 12/12/2020

This post has been written by new Community Manager, Crrool

After seeing the announcement Oengus would shut down, duncte123 and I started looking into options of taking over Oengus. After we talked it over with Gyoo we agreed to continue developing oengus under new management. The question that remained at that point was financing.

With agreement of Gyoo, ESA (European Speedrunner Assembly) has agreed to take over hosting responsibilities and costs for the platform. Donations Oengus receives will continue to be used to cover the costs of running the server and to support the development and maintenance of the platform

On the website not much will change. Oengus will stay in use and will keep functioning in much the same way it does now. Duncte123 will take over the development and maintenance of Oengus and I’ll be working as the community manager for Oengus. We already have several ideas for potential improvements of the tool and to make the platform as a whole more sustainable in the future.

In the end, I’d like to thank Gyoo for creating a tool that has helped the speedrunning community so much already, and I hope we’ll be able to keep building on the work he has done.


Crrool & Duncte123

The future of (is now secured by ESA)2020-12-15T09:46:09+01:00

ESA Winter 2021 – Moving all online

Announcement – 30/11/2020


  • All participation in ESA Winter 2021 will now take place from home
  • Full ESA Winter 2021 information can be found on the event page

When ESA first announced ESA Winter we adopted the stance of an optimist in terms of planning and set a number of internal deadlines. The main one is now coming up, this weekend (6 Dec) game submissions are going live. It is clear now that the second wave of coronavirus is going to make international travel and live events unviable in February.

To that end we are making a simple announcement. All participation in ESA Winter 2021 will now take place from home in the same fashion as our ESA Together, ESA Corona Relief and ESA Summer 2020 events.

To make up for the event being online only we are building some new elements to really make it pop.

  • We want as many attendees as possible to assist our social and media teams in pre-recording interviews that can be played back during the event. Please watch out for more details on this if you submit a run.
  • Alongside game submission we are launching a supporter’s ticket for ESA Winter. This will come with a few perks, including one of our new hoodies and a printed name badge as if the event had taken place. It is however mostly a way to financially support ESA if you feel inclined to do so in spite of the event moving online.
  • Our new store is also scheduled to go live alongside game submission with hoodies (custom name print option), scarves and facemasks

The cancellation of the on site portion of ESA Winter 2021 is immensely disappointing but an outcome we had a contingency plan in place for. We would like to thank the Quality Hotel View for their continued flexibility without which we would have had to potentially run our last event in 2020.

Finally please stay safe this Christmas. The first COVID-19 vaccines are not far away but there is a real prospect of a third wave in January if we let our collective guard down. Keep gatherings small and mingling to a minimum. This will give our nurses the best chance next year to focus on vaccinating those most at risk rather than providing them acute care.

Team ESA wishes you all Happy Hannukah, a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year. We are all looking forward to your submissions this weekend!

ESA Winter 2021 – Moving all online2020-11-30T16:08:51+01:00

ESA Winter 2021 – Announcement

Announcement – 02/09/2020

Substantially revised 18/10/2020


  • ESA Winter 2021 will be held between 12-21 February at the Quality Hotel View
  • It will be a hybrid online/live event with the option for each run to be performed from home
  • In line with Folkhälsomyndigheten rules, attendance will be capped at 50
  • The event will be raising money for Alzheimerfonden
  • Game Submissions will open on December 6th

ESA Winter has already evolved since this post was first written. Announced on a live stream on 18/10/2020, ESA is scaling down the on site element of ESA Winter. Due to the worsening infection situation across Europe, Swedish decision makers have held the gathering restriction at 50 with no timeline for a change. Furthermore we believe the climate and appetite for travel will not have improved in February, with limited flight routes and prices.

This means we will once again be welcoming runners from across the world at ESA Winter to play off-site from home, while maintaining as many of the live production elements as possible.

In 2021 ESA Winter will be in aid of Alzheimerfonden and ESA Summer will be raising money for Save the Children.

A fully flexible cancellation policy will be introduced for this event for those that change their minds or need to cancel up until 7 days before the event.

The world is still not what it was a year ago. ESA is following the recommendations set by the Swedish Public Health Authority and working with Nordic Choice Hotels to uphold their Safe Stay Guidelines.

Game Submissions will open on December 6th. Hope you’ve got them ready!

ESA Winter 2021 – Announcement2020-10-19T07:56:39+02:00

Concerning COVID-19 and ESA Summer 2020

Event update – 05/08/20


  • The ESA Summer live event is being cancelled.

ESA is announcing the cancellation of the rescheduled ESA Summer 2020 (October) event.

We have been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 closely and come to the conclusion that it will not be possible to hold a live event as planned. We will not be replacing the October event with an online event and will take this time to prepare for the next main event in 2021. 

We’re saddened about not being able to hold ESA Summer this year, however we are thankful for all of the support we’ve received from our community during ESA Together, ESA Corona Relief and ESA Summer Online! 

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year and will keep you updated with dates for the 2021 Winter and Summer events.

Concerning COVID-19 and ESA Summer 20202020-08-05T21:28:47+02:00
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