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Open Position: Game Selection & Scheduling Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunity

Game Selection & Scheduling Assistant


ESA is looking for a long-term addition to our Game Selection & Scheduling Team. As part of the team your main responsibility will be to evaluate game submissions, help to create and manage schedules as well as to monitor live events and make changes when necessary.

Teamwork and flexibility are key during the more work-intensive weeks leading up to the release of a schedule or an event. The ideal candidate should also be reliable and able to attend ESA events.

As a long-term volunteer you will be able to attend meetings with other teams and influence ESA beyond the scope of your team.


  • Process and evaluate all game submissions before an event
  • Create schedules for ESA Events and make changes when necessary
  • Communicate with runners directly
  • Edit the public facing page for the schedule (currently Horaro)
  • On-Site and during events:
    • Keep track of schedule shifts throughout the day
    • Come up with and implement fixes if necessary
    • Assist the tech team with decision making


  • Have an unbiased approach
  • Have the ability to work with hard deadlines
  • Are able to work in a team
  • Are available for long meetings once per week between the end of the submission phase and schedule release
  • Be able to invest a significant amount of time to evaluate all game submissions
  • Familiarity with Google spreadsheets
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Have a deep understanding of speedruns and what makes them entertaining
  • Bonus Points:
    • Deep knowledge of the following games and involvement with one or more of the following communities:
      • JRPGs
      • Mega Man games & clones
    • Ability to attend on-site ESA events
    • Past experiences with scheduling speedrunning events and with websites like Horaro and Oengus


  • Ticket to every ESA event
  • Assistance in reducing the cost of attending the event
  • Long term engagement with ESA and the ability to influence our events beyond game selection & scheduling


  • How long have you been part of the speedrunning community and what do you focus on?
  • What -in your opinion- makes a speedrun entertaining?
  • Do you have any prior experience with this sort of work?


To apply, please send an email to

Be sure to attach a summary of your skills relevant to this position as well as comprehensive answers to the questions listed above.

Open Position: Game Selection & Scheduling Volunteer2020-10-02T16:37:14+02:00

ESA Winter 2021 – Announcement

Announcement – 02/09/2020

Substantially revised 18/10/2020


  • ESA Winter 2021 will be held between 12-21 February at the Quality Hotel View
  • It will be a hybrid online/live event with the option for each run to be performed from home
  • In line with Folkhälsomyndigheten rules, attendance will be capped at 50
  • The event will be raising money for Alzheimerfonden
  • Game Submissions will open on December 6th

ESA Winter has already evolved since this post was first written. Announced on a live stream on 18/10/2020, ESA is scaling down the on site element of ESA Winter. Due to the worsening infection situation across Europe, Swedish decision makers have held the gathering restriction at 50 with no timeline for a change. Furthermore we believe the climate and appetite for travel will not have improved in February, with limited flight routes and prices.

This means we will once again be welcoming runners from across the world at ESA Winter to play off-site from home, while maintaining as many of the live production elements as possible.

In 2021 ESA Winter will be in aid of Alzheimerfonden and ESA Summer will be raising money for Save the Children.

A fully flexible cancellation policy will be introduced for this event for those that change their minds or need to cancel up until 7 days before the event.

The world is still not what it was a year ago. ESA is following the recommendations set by the Swedish Public Health Authority and working with Nordic Choice Hotels to uphold their Safe Stay Guidelines.

Game Submissions will open on December 6th. Hope you’ve got them ready!

ESA Winter 2021 – Announcement2020-10-19T07:56:39+02:00

Concerning COVID-19 and ESA Summer 2020

Event update – 05/08/20


  • The ESA Summer live event is being cancelled.

ESA is announcing the cancellation of the rescheduled ESA Summer 2020 (October) event.

We have been monitoring the situation with COVID-19 closely and come to the conclusion that it will not be possible to hold a live event as planned. We will not be replacing the October event with an online event and will take this time to prepare for the next main event in 2021. 

We’re saddened about not being able to hold ESA Summer this year, however we are thankful for all of the support we’ve received from our community during ESA Together, ESA Corona Relief and ESA Summer Online! 

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year and will keep you updated with dates for the 2021 Winter and Summer events.

Concerning COVID-19 and ESA Summer 20202020-08-05T21:28:47+02:00
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