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Our Philosophy

When deciding whether a suggested game will fit into the final schedule, we will consider the following: length, entertainment value and commentary quality. We will be looking at these three qualities over others such as game popularity.

For example, long games are harder to put in the schedule due to how many games could be put in their place. Long games can and still will make it in, but will require more consideration than a shorter game.

Additionally, the entertainment value of runners, games and commentary is taken into consideration. If you are running a game that had a limited release, but is incredibly entertaining or has fantastic commentary, your game is still likely to get in. We also place stock in the scenes and communities around these games and previous marathon runs and runner behaviour (if appropriate).

For a few types of showcases, commentary quality is valued above most other factors. This includes long games, races and co-op runs with multiple screens.
With two or even more people playing at the same time, commentary quality can suffer. Viewer attention is already divided between multiple feeds and forcing them to switch depending on who is talking about their own gameplay can lead to confusion and a disconnect.

This means that we may ask you to turn races into solo runs with the other runner(s) providing dedicated commentary if we believe that this would improve the overall entertainment quality of the showcase.

You’ll earn some bonus points if you submit your solo run or race together with a dedicated commentator who is focussing entirely on providing engaging commentary throughout the run. If you want to bring along one or more co-commentators through Discord during the showcase at the event, you're welcome to do so!


There is a limit of five submissions per runner. This includes different categories. You can exceed this maximum by being part of a race or co-op run another runner has submitted. These do not count towards your personal total.

When submitting your game you will be asked to provide a short description about the game as well as the run / showcase / exhibition, a video showcasing it as well as information about your personal progress. Bonus points for submitting a video with marathon-like commentary!

We suggest adding your times to the speedrun.com leaderboards for your game (or making your own if it doesn’t exist yet) so we can more easily keep track of your times. If your community uses other leaderboards, please link them in the relevant text field. If there are no leaderboards relevant to your submission, feel free to provide a meme of your choice instead to fulfil the requirements of the form.

Your estimate should consider everything that can go wrong. Actively practice no-reset runs and have backup strategies (or save files) ready in case something never happened before. It is better to err on the side of caution and overestimate. You will be able to adjust your estimate time later on by contacting the scheduling team. Don’t add an inaccurate time in the hope that it will appear more impressive and increase the chance that you are accepted.

You are welcome to submit all content including non-speedrun content as long as it has relevance. Non-complete game categories will be allowed provided they are accepted by the individual communities.

We have a similar stance on emulators: presenting the run on the original console is preferred, but if emulators are accepted by the game’s community, they are allowed.

Until further notice, we will not be able to feature games that make use of licensed music, unless it can be completely muted / removed from the showcase. Unfortunately this includes most music games.

ESA carries out suitability checks on runners and commentators based on the information included in your submission(s). Please be aware that ESA reserves the right to decline runners or commentators for behaviour outside of the event as judged against the ESA Code of Conduct. By submitting you agree to these terms and conditions.

Submitted games must adhere to Twitch’s community guidelines.

The following technical requirements apply to online events (hybrid or entirely online) only:

  • Runners should be able to stream to Twitch at a bitrate of at least 2.5 Mbit. Depending on your game and resolution you might be able to get away with less. Submit your video and let us be the judge!
  • Runners must use a face camera for their run during the marathon. This is to maintain the high production standard we set for all our flagship marathons, and no exceptions will be made. With programs like iVCam, your phone can easily be used for this purpose.
  • Races may be permitted if they fulfil the following criteria:
    • The race must be between not more than two players.
    • Both runners must fulfil the above stated quality requirement and use a face camera.
    • The submission must include at least one dedicated commentator. Runners may still be able to talk on stream, but we believe that a commentator able to keep track of both player's progress is important to make the race clear and entertaining for viewers at home.
  • Co-op runs may be permitted if they fulfil the following criteria:
    • If taking place entirely online the showcase might not include more than two screens. More players may be permitted, but we will always only be showing a maximum of two feeds.
    • Runners shown on stream must fulfil the above stated quality requirement and use a face camera.

Submission Form

If you’re using Oengus for the first time, you will need to register by logging in with either your Discord, Twitter or Twitch account. Either way, we require you to be on the ESA Discord Server in order to be able to submit your showcase(s). The reason is simple: Discord will be the main tool for all forms of communication leading up to the event and also the way for the game selection and scheduling team to contact you.

If you don’t have a Discord account yet, please get one HERE and join the ESA Server: https://discord.gg/esamarathon

Some parts of your submission may remain editable until the release of the schedule. After that, major changes to things like the estimate are only possible after talking to us directly.

If you are submitting races, co-op runs or anything else with multiple people, only one person will be required to submit it. They then hand out the code that's being created to the other participants, who will be able to join the multiplayer submission by entering the code in the bottom of the submission form. Make sure that everybody gets and uses this code.

For online events, please state the time zone you're living in as well as your predicted availability during the event (preferably in CET/CEST) in the relevant text field as well as Oengus' own availability picker. Keep in mind that very short availability windows can cause massive headaches for us when creating the schedule and we may have to reject runs because of this. We will do our best to consider all the different time zones when creating the schedule.

Incentives / Bid Wars & Bonus Games

Donation incentives and bid wars are a way for viewers to interact with and/or add content to your showcase through donating to a good cause. From character name changes to adding entire bonus games, anything is possible!

Possible donation incentives and bid wars can be entered through the submission form. Note that those undergo a review process as well and should not add more than five minutes to your run unless justified. We will reach out to you if we feel like one of your incentives is inappropriate, could work better in a different format or just needs some clarification. Keep in mind that the description of the incentive / bid war should be able to explain the content to somebody who has no idea about the game.

We reserve the possibilty to change any submitted and accepted showcase into a bonus game, only to be featured if the donation threshold will be reached.

A list with all the accepted incentives, bid wars and bonus games will be published some time after the schedule has been released.

The Cut(s)

Ever since our events were moved online after ESA Winter 2020 we only do one round of selections. The full games list will be announced on the same day as the event schedule.

In general, every cut submission will move to a backup list and can still make a comeback depending on what we are looking for.

In the future, we might potentially go back to a two cut system, which would look like this:
The first round of selections would pick out all the games we are interested in and already confirm a good amount of the final picks. This usually happens two weeks after the end of the submission phase.
The second cut would happen at the same time as the schedule release and isolate the final game list. Games cut in the second round would be given priority when choosing backup games.
The time in between the first cut and the release of the full game list has the purpose of giving us more time to make our minds up about the more difficult decisions as well as giving runners an opportunity to improve in all aspects (and make our decisions even harder).

"Chase Games" & Unreleased Games

Chase games are games that we would like to have in the marathon but are not yet released by the end of the submission phase. For these particular games and other games unreleased at the time of the first submission phase we might have separate submissions opening up a few days before schedule release and lasting only three days. Please do not submit unreleased games during the first submission phase.

The list of chase games for each event will be announced in the information page specific to that event. Just submitting these games will not guarantee them a spot in the marathon. We will hold them and you to the same standards as all other games.

Chase games as a concept are event-specific. Not every event will have chase games and thus a second submission phase.


If you have any questions, PM either Fatzke#4192, eTho#5871 or EnglishBen#1572 on the ESA Discord. We’re happy to help.