ESA heavily depends on volunteers, and just like every year we’re asking you to help out! Do you want to help us make the next ESA the best one yet?

To apply for volunteering you do so through our user hub.

Volunteering applications typically open 13 weeks before the event, or around about the stage that first cuts are made. The application window is about two weeks.

As part of the acceptance process, volunteers will be screened by our Safety & Security team.

Fundraising Team

Donation Reading

The voices of every donation, responsible for hyping up viewers, promoting our sponsors and prizes throughout the event.

Donation Screening

Those with prior ESA experience will also be given time in this supervisory role, screening donations for suitability while guiding new donation readers in their job.

We aim to have these roles fully staffed with on site volunteers, limited exceptions may be made.

Contact Metako#1683 if you have any questions regarding fundraising, reading or screening.

Tech Team

Tech keeps the stream running smoothly. If you have experience in production, whether on the audio or video side of it, or just a knack for it and a craving to learn more, then please apply to become a tech volunteer.

Our old website has some more info

Contact Tyr#3168 if you have any questions regarding tech.


The Infodesk team is responsible for checking in and issuing badges, handling day tickets, merchandise, questions pertaining the event, and generalized security duties like badge checks around the venue.

Contact Shigan_#9149 if you have any questions about the Infodesk


During an event, the Scheduling Team’s responsibility is to keep the game schedule on track while maximizing its potential to bring the community together and raise funds for a good cause. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into our decision making process and tools.

These responsibilities can be partially taken care of online.

Contact Fatzke#4192 if you have any questions about the Scheduling Team.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team brings ESA closer to its fans during events and reports on the day-to-day life of the organisation all year round.

By creating lively clips and videos, cleverly photoshopped pictures, witty texts and other personal projects, we enrich our social media presence and bring a small piece of the fantastic on-site ESA experience to those at home.

If you love ESA and want to share this love with others, through the examples mentioned above or others, then join our volunteer team at events to realise the media projects that you have always wanted to do!

Contrary to most ESA volunteer teams, you can do so both at the event and from the comfort of your own home.

Examples of projects by previous volunteers: runner interviews and marathon highlight videos, on-stream panels featuring fundraising content such as bids and incentives, Twitter posts announcing and informing about upcoming and current speedruns, memes and photographs capturing all the other festival activities that happen off-stream.

If you are either a photographer, videographer, editor, writer, artist or creative in any other way and want to gain the experience of running the social media aspects of grand scale events, make sure to apply for the Marketing Team!

Contact Ida#9582 if you have any questions about these roles.

Moderation Team

The majority of chat moderation happens off site. Contact trollbear#9520 if you have any questions about moderating, including if there will be any on site moderating opportunities at the next event.


If you have any questions regarding volunteering, message Fatzke#4192 or any of the people named above for questions about the specific volunteering groups on the ESA Discord. We’re happy to help!