ESA heavily depends on volunteers, and just like every year we’re asking you to help out! Do you want to help us make the next ESA the best one yet?

Fundraising Host

Fundraising hosts are the face and voice of ESA events. You are responsible for moderating and reading donations during showcases, creating buzz and excitement around the charity. You will also host intermissions, where you discuss previous and upcoming runs, the charity, incentives, merch and prizes.

Please note this is an on camera role.

Contact Metako on Discord if you have any questions regarding fundraising, reading or screening.

Tech Team

Your role is to man the shifts during the marathon, where you will be expected to set up the runners and commentators as they’re getting ready to run, and then monitoring the runs and be ready to intervene in case something bad happens.

The equipment and tools used are simpler than ever, and we have good documentation on the tasks that will be asked of you, step by step.

For the most part, the job consists of 10 minutes of hyperactivity during game switches and then sit at the best seat in the house for the rest of the run. Seriously, our chairs are very comfortable.

Our old website has some more info

Contact Tyr on Discord if you have any questions regarding tech.


As part of the infodesk team most of your scheduled hours will be manning the front desk of the event where attendees check in.

Key duties at the infodesk include

  • Checking in attendees or selling tickets to those who have not prebooked
  • Issuing merchandise and side-event tickets/information
  • Describing the event to members of the public
  • Badge enforcement on entry

In addition, you may be asked to carry out room rounds such as badge patrols, property cleanup and opening/closing particular rooms at the beginning/end of each day.

Contact Shigan if you have any questions about the Infodesk

On site administration / scheduling

The administration / scheduling team’s responsibility is to keep the game schedule on track while maximizing its potential to bring the community together and raise funds for charity.

At any given time there will be one scheduling representitive at the scheduling station, whose duties are as follows:

  • Checking the presence of upcoming runners at the event
  • Maintaining and updating the public facing schedule on horaro.org and informing others of changes made
  • If necessary, making decisions about moving, replacing or removing showcases in the schedule
  • Activating and de-activating fundraising incentives within Tiltify, and informing restreams of updates to incentives
  • Maintaining schedules for side activity rooms (for example streaming stations)

Applicants are not required to have prior experience in these fields. All necessary training will be provided prior to the event.

Contact Edenal if you have questions about on site administration and scheduling

Marketing Team

Are you a creative soul who thrives on crafting entertaining content? Is ESA your passion, and do you want to share that passion with the world through the stream and social media? If so, we invite you to submit your volunteer application to the Marketing Team!

In the lead-up to the event, we’ll generate buzz, and during the event, we’ll provide updates on donation milestones, share amusing moments with humorous clips, and promote various segments to encourage our community to tune into the stream, elevating the excitement and boosting donations for our charity.

We are seeking volunteers in various areas, such as videography (video editing and creating marathon highlight videos), photography (documenting the off-stream event experience), and publishing (crafting social media posts to announce and inform about the event).

Contact Ida on Discord if you have any questions about these roles.

Moderation Team

Our chat mods work around the clock to enforce the Twitch chat rules. In addition as a chat mod you may periodically need to update the stream title and game if the automatic systems fail, or create polls and bets to drive chat engagement. We especially welcome help in timezones significantly offset from Europe, for example Pacific America and Oceania.

The majority of chat moderation happens off site. Contact trollbear on Discord if you have any questions about moderating, including if there will be any on site moderating opportunities at the next event.