When attending an event hosted by ESA you are expected to be aware of and follow our rules and guidelines outlined in this Code of Conduct.

You may always approach a volunteer or email our safety and security team if you feel like there is reason to believe that someone is acting contrary to the code of conduct. Every volunteer and team leader at ESA is instructed on how to escalate to the safety and security team, or if necessary the emergency services.

All reports filed with the safety and security team are handled confidentially and with discretion. If between events you wish to bring information to our attention regarding any individual who you believe may cause trouble or discomfort at an ESA event, please send it to All concerns shared with the safety and security team are stored inside the unit to validate and consider the risks involved with specific person(s).

Attendees violating the code of conduct may be asked to leave the event without refund. Be aware that violating the code of conduct outside of the time of an ESA event may prohibit you from participating in future events.

For any complaints or concerns, please forward your inquiries to:

General Information

ESA is an event held in Sweden and therefore is subject to Swedish law. Read up on local laws when travelling abroad. You can also read the travel advice from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden: Swedish government – Before you travel

ESA does not tolerate gross misconduct of any kind, including but not limited to:

  • Assault or battery
  • Sexual harassment, sexual assault or stalking
  • Any form of sexual interaction or sexualisation of minors, including animated, illustrated or written content
  • Intimidation, physical or verbal
  • Harassment of any kind, including but not limited to
    • Race
    • Nationality
    • Sexuality
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Appearance or identity
  • Theft, robbery (includes ‘borrowing’ without permission)
  • Vandalism or destruction of property
  • Defamation or slander

ESA Rules and Guidelines

ESA is an event held for hundreds of people from all around the world attending on site. Culture, personal beliefs and social norms may differ between attendees. To make sure the event runs smoothly there are rules and guidelines, beyond laws and hotel requests, that we expect everyone attending our event to follow.

Please stay informed that these rules may come to change in between and during events. We request all attendees to read up on the current code of conduct before every event. If a change ever comes in place during the time of an ESA event information will be spread through ESA social media.

  • Badges must be worn and visible at all times when attending the event space.
    • Badges are used for access control and for your security so we can identify people who should not be at the event space
    • Badge checks are done regularly, if your badge is clearly visible you will not notice or be asked to show your badge.
    • Refusing to keep your badge visible may limit your access to the event.
    • No one will be allowed into the event space without a badge.
    • Each badge is personal and only allows one person into the event.
    • If you for some reason have lost your badge, please contact Event Support & Administration (infodesk) immediately.
  • Do not possess any form of weapon or item intended for harm at the event space or within the hotel.
  • Illegal drug use or intoxication, including underage drinking in the event space, is prohibited.
  • Maintain good hygiene when attending our event by showering regularly, as it may affect the event environment and may be disruptive for those around you.
  • Do not sleep or nap in the public areas of the event space.
  • Streaming to private channels (streaming stations, IRL streaming) is permitted within the boundaries of these rules
  • Designated rooms (such as Practice or Board Games) should be kept to their purposes. Activities outside of the intended purpose of the specific area may be refused if disruptive.
  • Areas designated for crew only are closed off for a reason. Do not enter these areas unless authorized.
  • Do not mark, deface or modify any equipment or movables owned by ESA or the hotel.
  • Respect each individual’s personal space
  • You may be rejected entry to the event space if deemed noticeably intoxicated.
  • The security team reserves the right to take action to exclude person(s) for any reason, even if the rules applied are not stated within this code of conduct.

Hotel Rules and Guidelines

As guests in a hotel we are all obligated to follow guidelines and rules set by the hotel staff. All hotel staff members have the right to reject any individual from their premises when they see fit.

The hotel reserves the right to update these guidelines at any time during an event.

You are expected to:

  • Not consume hot or cooked food, bought outside of the hotel, in any of the public areas.
    • Cold food may be consumed in public areas (salads, sandwiches, drinks).
    • Snacks may be consumed if a clean surrounding can be assured.
  • Not consume alcohol bought outside of the hotel in any of the public areas.
  • Not smoke in the hotel or at the entrance.
    • The hotel requests smokers to walk at least 20 meters away from the entrance.
  • Keep the hotel and surrounding area clean and free from litter.

Additional Stream Area Rules and Guidelines

While being visible on stream you are expected to act in a way that upholds the values of ESA and keep a positive and functioning environment.

A screen with chat is available in the runner area. This may be disabled upon request, however if you’re used to streaming with a chat open we suggest having it there as a reminder there is also an audience at home! You may respond directly or indirectly to questions about your game, but must absolutely not backseat moderate or respond to any negativity in chat.

The stream and the stream area is administered by the fundraising and tech teams. If you have questions or inputs regarding these areas, contact their team leaders.

  • Runners and commentators must not
    • Break any Twitch Terms of Service.
    • Be intoxicated.
    • Backseat moderate or acknowledge negativity in chat.
  • Audience members must not interfere with or pull attention from the runs, runners or working volunteers.
  • Any individual banned on Twitch is also banned from appearing on stream.
  • Any “practical jokes” planned or intended during a run must be approved by the tech and fundraising teams beforehand.
  • Runners and volunteers may remove commentators at any time during a run.
  • Keep the stream area litter-free and return any items you rearrange after a run.
  • If you want to rearrange the stage before a run you need permissi
  • on from tech.
  • Do not distract volunteers who are currently on shift.
  • On screen data is taken from the registration tool, please keep your profile up to date

Personal Sponsorships

  • While visible on stream, runners and commentators are allowed to wear sponsored clothing. For example a branded shirt or baseball cap are allowed.
  • Runners and commentators must take care to not present personal sponsors in a fashion that they may be confused as ESA sponsors.
  • ESA’s name or logotypes must not be used next to the logos of personal sponsors in marketing material produced by the runner or the personal sponsor.

Contact and information

If you have any questions regarding our code of conduct, you can contact us by emailing

If you want to report any incidents, you can do so by emailing At an event, any volunteer can put you in contact with the right person. Read more about who to contact and our procedures at the ESA Safety and Security team page.