There is no such thing as a comprehensive or one-size-fits-all rule set. All incidents brought to the attention of organisers, both within the event space and elsewhere, will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

If during an event you have any questions or incidents you wish to raise in private, please find a member of the organising team on site or email, ideally including your phone number for a call back. We can meet with you in a comfortable private location, either a meeting room or your own hotel room.

If between events you wish to bring information to our attention about a person or persons who you believe may cause cause trouble or discomfort at an ESA event, please also send it to We will hold this on record and make an appropriate decision at the point where we consider there is a live risk to event safety.

ESA reserves the right to withdraw tickets after they have been issued for any reason not forbidden by law. A non-comprehensive list of inappropriate conduct is included below. Any person attending an ESA event without a valid ticket will be asked, and then required, to leave the property. The organising group will agree upon and state in writing the reason for any warning or badge removal within a day.

ESA uses name badges as access control and for your security so we can identify people who should not be in the event space.

Please wear your name badge visibly at all times when in the event space.

Crew will do badge checks during the event. If your badge is clearly visible around your neck you will probably not notice our checks.

General Event Conduct

Examples of inappropriate behaviours include, but are not limited to:

  • Assault and battery
  • Intimidation, physical or verbal
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Harassment, verbal or physical, due to protected group characteristics
  • Age, race, national identity, sexuality, gender identity, body size, disability (seen or unseen)
  • Theft of belongings (includes ‘borrowing’ without permission)
  • Filming or photography in a fashion which breaks any of the above rules
  • Bringing intoxicants into the event space (drugs and alcohol) not purchased from the venue
  • Leaving waste around the venue (the hotel will not touch “our belongings”)
  • Napping or sleeping in the venue

Stream Area Conduct

Your attitude on stream directly impacts the amount we raise for the cause. If you as a runner, donation reader, or host, show an upbeat, charity positive attitude then the viewers at home respond to that and will donate to the cause.

  • Runners and commentators must not have chat open
  • Runners and commentators must not mention chat or chat mods
  • Runners, commentators and donation readers must not be under the influence when presenting
  • Runners and commentators must at all times stay within the Twitch TOS. Any person(s) attending ESA but banned on Twitch are not permitted to run, couch, host, or read donations
  • The audience and commentators must not arrange “practical jokes” that distract from the run in progress or upstage the runner.
  • Runners have absolute discretion to exclude people from their couch at any time for any reason.
  • Runners may request their pronouns be displayed next to their name. This should be done via the tech setting up the run, and can not be managed in advance.
  • No attendee may enter the stream production area or other closed areas without the permission of a person with a leader badge

Personal Sponsorships

  • While on stream, runners are allowed to wear sponsored clothing. For example a branded shirt or baseball cap are allowed
  • Runners must take care to not present personal sponsors in a fashion that they may be confused as ESA sponsors.
  • ESA’s name or logotypes must not be used next to the logos of personal sponsors in marketing material produced by the runner or the personal sponsor

Camera Release

Live streaming, photography and videography will take place within ESA for the purposes of producing the stream, providing video on demand services, and marketing the event. By collecting your badge you give ESA irrevocable consent to use your image for these purposes. Without this permission it is not possible to allow access to the event space.

Donation Screening

ESA pre-screens all donation messages before they are read. As donation messages are anonymous, user-provided content ESA must hold them to an extremely high standard. ESA will not provide any information about why a comment is rejected, but here is some basic advice

  • Keep it short and simple! It’s harder to work long messages into the stream
  • Be positive towards the charity and the run
  • Shout out any incentives you’re donating towards
  • Don’t mention politics or current affairs
  • Don’t assume to speak on ESA or the runner’s stance on any issue


This is the stated policy of European Speedrunner Assembly AB for content re-uploaded by third parties on or after 1 Jan 2020.

European Speedrunner Assembly AB grants no redistribution rights explicitly or implicitly to those appearing in ESA productions. This is commonly known as “All rights reserved”. Any person or organisation who uploads ESA content to third party platforms, including but not limited to Twitch and YouTube, shall be served with a takedown notice pursuant to the process of the platform in question.

Some third parties will be granted limited licences for ESA content. If you would like to apply for a licence, please get in contact with the organising team at

Prior to 2020 ESA operated a more permissive policy regarding re-uploads. ESA will not be retroactively issuing takedowns to videos uploaded on or before 31 December 2019.