Content Policy

This is the stated policy of European Speedrunner Assembly AB for content re-uploaded by third parties on or after 14 Dec 2020.

European Speedrunner Assembly AB grants no redistribution rights explicitly or implicitly to those appearing in ESA productions. This is commonly known as “All rights reserved”. Any person or organisation who uploads ESA content to third party platforms, including but not limited to Twitch and YouTube, shall be served with a takedown notice pursuant to the process of the platform in question.

Any runner who has performed a speedrun at an ESA event may apply for a licence from ESA to upload the ESA recording to their own media channels such as YouTube. There is a presumption that this will be granted with some exceptions. Permission will not be granted to banned runners, for runs which have been deemed unacceptable for rebroadcast, or for a channel other than the runner’s own.

The form to request this permission can be found here and a response should usually be given within a few working days.

A list of licences granted on or after 14 Dec 2020 is included on this page as an appendix.

Licences Granted