ESA Safeguarding

ESA Culture

ESA fosters a positive and welcoming atmosphere where attendees feel like they are part of something bigger. The event feels familiar and belonging, connecting gamers, streamers, and fans from all backgrounds. We encourage open dialogue and cultivate a culture of inclusivity. Through our events we aim to create lasting connections and empower individuals to express their unique identities in a supportive community.

Safeguarding at ESA

To ensure we have a supportive community and provide events that are welcoming, we have a safeguarding team in place. This team works collaboratively to create a trusting environment across our community through events where people can thrive and feel comfortable. The team’s primary focus is to implement our established culture online and onsite, and to keep our community safe.

Pre-event work

In order to organise events and foster a supportive environment, ESA carries out pre-event screening on runners and volunteers. This ensures we share the same vision of celebrating gaming, streaming, and entertainment.

What we will do

  • Use information provided in your submission to access and review your streaming profile and social media profiles
  • Review any further public social media profiles located as part of this process
  • Join (as “ESA Screening”) any public Discord server you link as part of your channel description or bot command

What we will not do

  • Attempt to locate or access private social media accounts or private Discord servers
  • Attempt to add a private or restricted account as a friend in order to gain access to non-public information

If you have any questions please direct them towards:

Contact us at any time with questions or reports

During events members of the safeguarding team will always be present or available via phone. Infodesk will be able to provide any support needed for contacting the safeguarding team.

All volunteers at ESA have been informed about how to handle concerns or reports. Any disclosure made to a volunteer will be passed on to the safeguarding team.

If you need to get in touch with the safeguarding team at any time during the year you can also send an email to If you’d rather you can personally reach out to any member of the team below.


Designated Safeguarding Leader

Discord: ida9582



ESA Safeguarding Team

Discord: edenal