Announcement – 30/11/2020


  • All participation in ESA Winter 2021 will now take place from home
  • Full ESA Winter 2021 information can be found on the event page

When ESA first announced ESA Winter we adopted the stance of an optimist in terms of planning and set a number of internal deadlines. The main one is now coming up, this weekend (6 Dec) game submissions are going live. It is clear now that the second wave of coronavirus is going to make international travel and live events unviable in February.

To that end we are making a simple announcement. All participation in ESA Winter 2021 will now take place from home in the same fashion as our ESA Together, ESA Corona Relief and ESA Summer 2020 events.

To make up for the event being online only we are building some new elements to really make it pop.

  • We want as many attendees as possible to assist our social and media teams in pre-recording interviews that can be played back during the event. Please watch out for more details on this if you submit a run.
  • Alongside game submission we are launching a supporter’s ticket for ESA Winter. This will come with a few perks, including one of our new hoodies and a printed name badge as if the event had taken place. It is however mostly a way to financially support ESA if you feel inclined to do so in spite of the event moving online.
  • Our new store is also scheduled to go live alongside game submission with hoodies (custom name print option), scarves and facemasks

The cancellation of the on site portion of ESA Winter 2021 is immensely disappointing but an outcome we had a contingency plan in place for. We would like to thank the Quality Hotel View for their continued flexibility without which we would have had to potentially run our last event in 2020.

Finally please stay safe this Christmas. The first COVID-19 vaccines are not far away but there is a real prospect of a third wave in January if we let our collective guard down. Keep gatherings small and mingling to a minimum. This will give our nurses the best chance next year to focus on vaccinating those most at risk rather than providing them acute care.

Team ESA wishes you all Happy Hannukah, a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year. We are all looking forward to your submissions this weekend!