Community Intermissions are an opportunity for you to showcase short glitch explanations / ILs or any other interesting and/or entertaining tidbits that usually don’t get their chance in the spotlight of a large speedrunning marathon.

If you also feel the urge to educate the world about these hidden gems, keep reading!


The videos should have a maximum length of 90 seconds. They consist of a short introduction of yourself (preferably while showing a splash screen) and whatever you’re about to show off as well as the showcase itself followed by a short outro. We’re leaving all the details up to you. If it’s a very technical glitch, try doing things slowly while explaining as you go. Keep in mind that viewers who have never even seen the game before should be able to follow along. If it’s short, feel free to do it multiple times or just keep the video very short and concise.

It’s also up to you if you record everything in one go or add an audio commentary during post production.
If you want to make it possible for us to use the video in future events, don’t mention the current event specifically, but only ESA instead.

While glitches are the most obvious use case, it’s by no means a restriction on what is worthy of being shown. If you feel like it’s entertaining, related to speedrunning and can be packed into a format this short feel free to submit it.

Technical Requirements:

  • Preferred visual quality: 1080p (or equivalent in other aspect ratios) with a bitrate of 20 Mb/s
  • Minimum visual quality: 720p (or equivalent in other aspect ratios)
  • At least decent microphone quality
  • No use of copyrighted / licensed music
  • No camera feed unless it is critical to what you’re showing off (e.g. controller cam)
  • Video uploaded to YouTube with a meaningful title

Great examples include (but are not limited to):
Portal Save Glitch by fnzzy
Getting Mewtwo with Item Underflow by G3neziz
Hi, I’m Rasmus by Rasmus
Speedrunning PSA by Kainalo
Box Flying in Goosebumps by Nikoheart

To motivate you further and for some inspiration, here is the playlist with all currently accepted videos:

Full credit for this idea goes to havrd. We love you!

Where do I submit?

Are your fingers already itching? Submit your videos uploaded to YouTube (publicly or unlisted) here!
ESA Community Intermission Submission Form

Submissions are open not only for attendees or games that are part of the marathon, but for anybody who feels like they have something cool to show off!

Deadline for ESA Summer 2023: July 16th
Everything submitted after will be able to be used for other upcoming events.


If you have any questions, contact me at or Fatzke on the ESA Discord. I’m happy to help!