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In collaboration with Kaspersky, ESA is bringing back Break the Record: LIVE for a one off special on 26 July, and you can enter!

The competition will be streamed live on twitch.tv/esamarathon and will also be available via the embed on esamarathon.com

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The Game – DOOM Eternal

DOOM: Eternal is 2020’s premiere first person shooter. Building on the successful reboot of DOOM in 2016, Eternal invites the player to conquer a new generation of demons and discover the story of the slayer.

The Category – No Major Glitches

No Major Glitches removes out of bounds, clipping and zipping. In cooperation with the DOOM community ESA has chosen this category to focus on the most exciting elements of FPS gameplay – optimised movement, perfect fighting and insane weapon control.

You can keep track of the competition at any time by checking the DOOM Eternal NMG leaderboards on speedrun.com


Opening today, Friday 12 June and running for the next four weeks we invite you to compete in an open competition to find the best DOOM Eternal [No Major Glitches] speedrunners. At 23:59 CEST on 12 July we will freeze the leaderboards and invite the seven best players to take part in this special online edition of Break the Record: LIVE.

Alongside a cash prize pool for the main competition there will be a fantastic prize on the line for the fastest qualifier – the chance to become the Kaspersky Flag Carrier – more details below

Kaspersky Flag Carrier

The qualifiers just got real. Kaspersky have confirmed they will offer a personal sponsorship worth $1,000 to the world record holder at the time of the qualifying cut-off. In return the player will become the Kaspersky Flag Carrier, the standard bearer for the event and ultimate rival for all others to beat on the day of the competition. 

The Main Event

We will be pausing ESA Summer Online for fourteen hours on 26 July. During this time – 1000 CEST onwards – qualified runners will be allowed to complete as many or as few runs as they need to succeed.

As ever with Break the Record: LIVE we have a reset cut off. The final run must begin before 2200 CEST – any reset after that time is a forfeit and the end of the contest for that runner!

The Prize Pool

The only goal for this special edition of Break the Record: LIVE is to set the best time on the day. As the category is so young, it is almost certain that the record will be broken on the day!




How to Enter

Simply record your Doom Eternal NMG speedruns and submit them to the leaderboard to be verified!

Qualified runners will be invited to sign a main event participation contract after the qualifying period ends.

A special event channel #de-BTRL has been created on the Modern DOOM Discord server to discuss entry, strategy and gossip about the competition. Please join!


The DOOM leaderboard moderators have worked together with ESA to create a full rule set for this competition. You can find it here – please read it thoroughly!

Main event runs will be performed from home. To prove live participation, webcam and input viewer will be required, and on the day we will issue a special set of instructions of additional actions required.

Kaspersky on why they’re involved

In the same way that the Olympics turned athletics into a competitive spectacle, ESA’s Break The Record Live transforms a traditionally non-competitive pursuit into a highly entertaining and viewable live action spectacle, bringing in fresh audiences and rewarding the existing community with something new and exciting.

We’re so excited about the partnership with ESA, and keen to help Edenal, Planks and the wider ESA team develop this format. In some ways competitive speedrunning is the future of the sport, so it’s just awesome to be able to get involved from an early stage, work with the community, and do our bit to help grow it and raise it’s profile.

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