Break the Record: LIVE
Doom Eternal
Full Ruleset

Version 1.9
1.1 Event Format

Break the Record: LIVE (Doom Eternal) will be a one-day event where seven speedrunners compete in DOOM Eternal in order to achieve the best time on the day. Prizes will be awarded based on the standing at the end of the main contest. Runners can complete as many runs or reset as many times as they like on the event day, aiming to achieve the best run on the day of the competition.

1.2 Run Category

The category ran will be “No Major Glitches” with the subcategory being “Classic Inbounds”. The rules applicable to this event will be those published on for the subcategory two weeks prior to the event start date.

1.3 Location

All parts of this competition will be played from home. During the main contest, ESA will use the Twitch stream of each player to capture game feeds.

1.4 Entry and Prize Pool

1.4.1 Qualifying Period

There is no registration required to enter the qualifier beyond submitting times to the Classic NMG leaderboard on or before 12 July. Runners may specifically opt out by notifying the BTRL Moderation team.

A snapshot of the Classic NMG leaderboard will be taken at 2359 CEST on 12 July. ESA will approach the runners in leaderboard order after any outstanding verification is completed, inviting them to sign a participation contract for the main contest.

ESA may approach certain runners and ask them to sign a provisional participation contract in order to engage in early marketing for the main contest. In this situation, main contest participation is still dependent on leaderboard position at the end of the qualifying period.

Event sponsor Kaspersky will offer the first-place qualifier a personal sponsorship for the main contest.

1.4.2 Main contest

During the event, the seven qualified participants will compete for a $5,000 prize pool. The runner of the best time set at the event will take home $2,500, second $1500, third and fourth $500 each. There is no “world record bounty” for this event.

1.5 Event Duration

The main contest will last 14 hours and will start at 1000 CEST on 26 July.

Resets will no longer be allowed after 2200 CEST on 26 July and the contest will be concluded after the final run is completed.

1.6 BTRL Moderation Team

Three members of the Doom Eternal speedrunning moderation team, who are not participants in this event, shall comprise the BTRL Moderation Team and shall moderate the competition and rule on the validity of all the runs.

The BTRL moderation team consists of Guac#3464, Lawyerbodoh#3623 and danejerus#6983, in no particular order.

1.7 Prior approval of strategies

Runners are obligated to disclose any potential new speedtech, tricks or glitches they plan on using during the actual event to the BTRL moderation team so that that team may rule on their validity prior to the competition together with the rest of the DOOM Eternal moderation team.

During the main event decisions regarding used speedtech, tricks or glitches will be made solely by the BTRL moderation team, which excludes other and especially potentially participating moderators.

If the responsible moderation team rules that a speedtech, trick or glitch is valid or invalid, this decision is final and cannot be revoked for the event. If a runner uses any different speedtech, trick or glitch, the runner will risk their run being rejected. An exception to this is the accidental occurrence of undisclosed speedtech, tricks or glitches that do not gain the player a significant advantage, e.g. a minor dash boost which does not skip a significant part of the level. Finally, the BTRL Moderation Team reserves the right to reject any run containing undisclosed speedtech, tricks or glitches. The practice of “strat-hiding” is not allowed for the BTRL main event.

When disclosing newly found speedtech, runners should provide a proper description and are encouraged to create video and audio commentary of the mechanics, and the different outcomes its use may have, so that the responsible moderation team has a full grasp of how it works and might behave. The more the runner discloses about how this speedtech, trick, or glitch could be used throughout the run, the easier it will be for the moderation team to reach a decision.

Any request for prior approval should be posted in the Doom Eternal Speedrun discord, in the dedicated channel for this event called #de-BTRL while tagging the @BTRL Moderators role.

1.8 Proof of live participation

During the main event, runners will always be required to have an input viewer and webcam on their overlay. To further prove runs are not prerecorded, event moderators will provide a list of additional tasks to be performed on the day that do not cost time.

A minimum stream quality of 720p 3.5Mb will be required for the main event. Desired is 1080p 60fps 6 Mb.

Any drop or freeze of the video feed during a run will not automatically invalidate said run, but the BTRL Moderation team will reserve the right to invalidate it if said drop or freeze makes it impossible to verify that the run was completed as a single segment.

2. How to start running Doom Eternal

Players who wish to start running Doom Eternal will simply need a copy of the game and any type of recording software such as OBS Studio. They will need to comply with the game rules, which are applicable to all runs of Doom Eternal, as well as the category rules, which are only applicable to the specific (sub)category being run.

The usage of LiveSplit as a timer is not a requirement but is highly encouraged as it will allow runners to submit runs with their in-game time as a reference. Moderators will not manually retime runs to remove load times. In such cases, real-time (referred to as RTA) will be input as in-game time (IGT). This puts the runner at a disadvantage on the leaderboard because the load times are added to their actual play time.

All the relevant game-specific resources that are useful to run the game, in particular the DOOM Eternal Speedrun Helper, can be found in the resources section on the left-hand side of the leaderboard.

The DOOM Eternal Speedrun Helper bundles important speedrun-specific features such as a freescrolling macro, a dynamic resolution scaling unlocker, customizable hotkeys and more into a single tool.

doom speedrun helper app

3. DOOM Eternal – General Game Rules

3.1 Console Commands

During the run, runners may not, at any time, use the console (opening it accidentally is fine as long no commands are entered).

There is a single exception to this rule: runners are allowed to use the console to bind scroll wheel to jump as this cannot be done through the game’s settings. To do so, runners must open the console in-game and enter the command bind mwheelup “_jump” or bind mwheeldown “_jump” depending on whether they want to jump using scroll up or scroll down.

3.2 Freescrolling and the use of third party software

Because freescrolling is a hardware feature of certain mice that yields a distinct in-game advantage over mice without it, in order to level the playing field, runners may use the DOOM Eternal Speedrun Helper tool which includes a macro functionality. This macro replicates the effects of such a mouse wheel. The tool can be found under “resources” section on the left-hand side of the leaderboard.

Runners will need to use the most current version of the DOOM Eternal Speedrun Helper and may NOT use any other (self-made) macros at any point during the run. In addition, the additionally available trainer must be closed at all times during runs. If the trainer is being used for practice, the game MUST be restarted after use in order to get rid of all memory-relevant effects.

3.3 In-Game Framerate

For PC players, in order to further level the playing field for everyone, the framerate MUST be capped to no more than 250 FPS as certain tricks are framerate dependent.

Additionally PC runners MUST have their framerate displayed in the corner of the screen throughout the duration of the run. Runners MUST use the in-game metrics (set to low) for displaying the framerate, however are free to additionally use other third-party FPS displays, if desired. Runs without the in-game FPS counter being shown, or runs that disable it for any length of time, will be rejected.

The above does not apply to console runners.

3.4 Game Crashes

Game crashes do not invalidate runs. If the game were to crash, runners must keep the recording going but can restart the game and continue the run starting from the most recently saved checkpoint.

4. DOOM Eternal – NMG Rules

4.1 Goal of the run and timing

The category ran at BTRL will be “No Major Glitches” with the subcategory being “Classic Inbounds”.

The goal of the run is to finish the game as fast as possible. Timing begins on the first input and ends on the start of the cutscene after destroying the Icon of Sin.

4.2 Game version and Slope Boosting

Runners can choose to run on the game version released on May 27, 2020 or choose to downpatch to any previous version of the game.

If runners choose to run on a version of the game released before the update from May 15, 2020, ramp jumping must be disabled. To do so runners must utilize the latest version of the DOOM Eternal Speedrun Helper tool which has a specific button for this purpose.

In addition, all runners must block the game’s connection to the internet, so that the revenant section always runs on the battlemode balance released with the game. Runners can confirm they are doing this by checking that the revenant’s rocket barrage cooldown is 13 seconds.

4.3 No Major Glitches

The use of cheat codes at any point during the run is banned.

All major glitches are banned. This includes the following:

  • “Zipping”, which is accomplished by slightly getting stuck in the collision of an object, and then dashing out of it;
  • The use of the ‘IDKFA glitch’;
  • Glory kill/chainsaw clipping;
  • Extendo-grabbing;
  • Slope boosting;
  • Walking on, skipping over, or boosting around invisible ledges, floors or ceilings. Runners may however go over, around, or below an invisible wall only if they unload during normal play. However, you may not vault on top of them to gain extra height that would make the skip impossible had the wall not existed
  • Rail-boosting, in any shape or form.

The following are not considered major glitches and are allowed:

  • Dash boosting (using geometry to maintain significant speed by dashing against it);
  • Meat Hook slinging (using the Meat Hook on an enemy to sling yourself a far distance quickly);
  • Ballista boosting (using recoil of the Ballista to propel yourself);
  • Bunny hopping (to maintain speed OR accelerate);
  • Prop boosting (jumping on a prop such as a barrel to gain significant height) AS LONG AS it is not used in combination with the slowdown effect of the weapon wheel

If runners accidentally violate the No Major Glitches rules, they MUST immediately reload checkpoint. If they pick up any item or perform a similar action that is persistent to the save’s state around the time of violation, the run needs to be restarted. Adjudication power in case of uncertainties lies with the moderator team.

In addition, the moderation team reserves the right to reject any run, even if it has not explicitly breached any of these rules or used any specifically banned glitched, but if the runner behaved or acted in a way that is contrary to the spirit of the category or tried to gain an unfair advantage over his or her competitors

4.3 Out of bounds and inbounds areas

Going out of bounds is not allowed.

Being out of bounds means leaving the game’s intended play area by any means – in particular, by walking on, going over or going around invisible walls, or by grabbing invisible ledges.

What is defined as out of bounds is based off the above definition and determined by the verification team consisting of multiple moderators. The below list of out of bounds and Inbounds tricks serves as an indication as to what that definition is, however makes no claim to being exhaustive.

4.4.1 Inbounds Areas

The following tricks are considered inbounds: Doom Hunter Base Meat Hook Skip

Here players start in area 1, which is an intended play area, and use the Meat Hook to fling themselves across the map. They then fly over area A which is a death plane, and land in positions 2, 3, or 5. Players can also fall into the other death plane located in area B. Players do so without going over any invisible walls.

Locations 2 and 5 are clearly intended play areas, since players pass by those areas organically. Location 3 has collision and players can reach either location 2 or 5, which are intended play areas, by simply jumping and dashing.

The key factor in ruling that this is inbounds is that the players go from an intended play area to an intended play area without going over or around any invisible walls. The fact that players do so while going over death planes has no significant impact on the ruling since death planes don’t actually cause death, but instead quick warp the player back to a designated location in the play area. Exultia Bunny Hop Skip

Here players simply jump from position 1 to position 2, then bunny hop to position 3, over the arena located in area A, without jumping over any invisible walls.

The key factor in ruling that this is inbounds is that players do not jump over any invisible walls and join another intended play area located in area B. Doom Hunter Base Foundry Skip

Here players start in area A and reach area B by two possible ways.

Players either use their Meat Hook to reach position 2 in area B, or use geometry located in position 3 and position 4 to climb to position 5.

The key factor in ruling that this is inbounds is that in both cases players do not climb any invisible geometry or go around or above any invisible walls. ARC Turret Skip

Here the players start in position 1 and either Ballista boost their way to position 2, or use their Meat Hook to sling their way to position 2, while going over a death plane located in area A. Both areas B and C are intended play areas.

The key factor in ruling that this is inbounds is that both areas B and C are intended play areas, since players reach them organically, and they reach position 2 without going over or around any invisible walls.

4.4.2 Out of Bounds Areas

The following tricks are considered out of bounds: Doom Hunter Base Coffin Skip

Here players start in position 1 and use their Meat Hook on a cacodemon to fling their way to position 2, 3 or 4. They then fall into the death plane located in area B and spawn further in the map.

This is considered out of bounds because their progress in the game is blocked by an invisible wall located in area C. The fact that positions 3 and 4 have collision is not sufficient enough to consider that players remain inbounds.

The key factors in ruling this is out of bounds are the existence of the invisible wall located in C, and that once players land in position 3 or 4 they have no choice but to jump into a death plane in order to progress, meaning they have left the intended play area. Jumping into a death plane, by itself, is not considered going out of bounds, but the death plane combined with the invisible wall is significant enough to justify it being declared out of bounds. Cultist Base Crane Skip

Here players climb up the crane located in area D to reach position 1 and jump across the death plane in area A to position 2.

This is considered out of bounds given that the top of the crane located in area D is outside the intended play area even if it has collision. Area B also has collision but once players have reached it, they have nowhere to go and no choice but to jump into a death plane in order to return to an intended play area and progress. This is the same justification used in the previous example,

The key factors in ruling that this is out of bounds are that area D clearly is not an intended play area, as well as that area B is not an intended play area, given that players cannot progress without jumping into a death plane. Mars Core Final Fight Skip

Here players use their meat-hook to fling their way from position 1 to position 2, which is located on top of the invisible wall drawn in area B.

The key fact in ruling this as out of bounds is that although the wall located in area A, which covers a gate that only opens once the fight that takes place in area C is done, unloads, the wall located in area B does not unload. By performing this trick players are vaulting on as well as going over an invisible wall that does not unload. Super Gore Nest Acid Room Ledge

Here the player clearly leaves the intended play area and enters a section of the game where there is no collision nor texturing. It is possible to reach this area with a simple double jump, however, it is clearly outside the intended play area and is therefore considered out of bounds.