Break the Record: LIVE 5 – Meet Groomp

What is your greatest achievement in speedrunning Spelunky 2?

My proudest achievement was getting the any% WR. For a brief period of time, I held the Any% and Seeded Any% WR simultaneously.

Why exactly did you choose to run Spelunky?

I chose to run Spelunky because of the amazing community it has. They are really what motivated me to speedrun this game seriously.

Are you going to play it safe or are you going for the first place?

For the All Shortcuts [category] segment, I’m going full speed and for the first place! It is the category I’m most confident in, having Top 3 times in both the Spelunky 2 and Spelunky HD version. For [the category] Cosmic Ocean, I plan on playing it safe and try to get the 7-99 win. Then, I’ll go for speed to secure that first place.

What do you think you need to do better? In other words, what tricks or optimisations are missing from your current performance?

I think one of my greatest assets is also one of my greatest weaknesses: I move really quickly – sometimes too quickly. This leads to me running head-first into dangerous situations I could probably avoid.

What makes you stand-out from the other runners?

In terms of raw movement and speed, I think I can match or surpass any player in the world.