Break the Record: LIVE 5 – Meet twiggle

What is your greatest achievement in speedrunning Spelunky 2?

I’m proud that I got the first 7-99 clear for Spelunky 2, as of October 13th)

Why exactly did you choose to run Spelunky?

I bought Spelunky HD on a whim in 2014 when it was on sale for like $4, and I have fallen in love with the series ever since!

Are you going to play it safe or are you going for the first place?

For the Cosmic Ocean category I’m going to be playing as safe as I can while not losing focus, to try to make it as far as I can. 2 days is not a lot of time to get to 7-99!

What do you think you need to do better? In other words, what tricks or optimisations are missing from your current performance?

For the All Shortcuts + Tiamat category, I need to play a tad slower in Tide Pool, the 4th area, since I often take too much damage and die, resulting in a very big time loss.

What makes you stand-out from the other runners?

Not much, but we’ve all known each other for a long time and are good friends!