Break the Record: LIVE 5 – Meet Spef

What is your greatest achievement in speedrunning Spelunky 2?

My 3min 08.533s No Gold WR (ex)! It was the first teleporter run completed for specifically the No Gold category at the time, and the game had only been out for 10 days for me (on PC), so it felt great to break the record by over a minute against PS4 runners who had played an extra 2 weeks!

Why exactly did you choose to run Spelunky?

I started playing Spelunky HD after watching a Let’s Play of it. Then I was looking for more videos and streams and ended up watching a lot of speedrunners. With all the categories created by the community, it was easy to find something to improve and make you better at the game.

Are you going to play it safe or are you going for the first place?

I’m going to try to make a finish somewhere sub 2 hours IGT before going really fast. My practice has shown me that I should be able to at least finish on the first day, and then focus on improving it. You never know what happens with event nerves though.

What do you think you need to do better? In other words, what tricks or optimisations are missing from your current performance?

For [the category] Cosmic Ocean I feel I should be better at locating the exits based on where the Jellyfish comes from, but I occasionally get it completely wrong. Also, remembering anything for more than five seconds seems to be difficult in these runs! I’ll see where the exit is, go pop a bubble, forget where the exit is, for example. It’s understandable since there is a great mental load in these runs, as I have to keep track of all the current and potential dangers in the level, but it’s something I can improve.

What makes you stand-out from the other runners?

I don’t let unlucky deaths affect me. I learn what I can from it, even if there was nothing I could do to avoid it the first time it happened. For [the category] CO [Cosmic Ocean] specifically, I have something to prove, as my time on the leaderboards isn’t good for me, so I’m looking to improve it during the event.