Break the Record: LIVE 5 – Meet Hectique

What is your greatest achievement in speedrunning Spelunky 2?

I completed the world’s first two Cosmic Ocean [category] speedruns at 1 h 44 min and 1 h 17 min each. If we include any Spelunky accomplishments, I completed the world’s first Spelunky 2 Eggplant run.

Why exactly did you choose to run Spelunky?

I got into the Spelunky franchise by seeing streamers doing their own runs seven years ago, and it’s what got me into streaming and speedrunning.

Are you going to play it safe or are you going for the first place?

I’ll get one good safe run in and then start getting wild!

What do you think you need to do better? In other words, what tricks or optimisations are missing from your current performance?

I sometimes need to let my basic knowledge take the wheel. I get too caught up in fringe or aggressive plays that cost me runs.

What makes you stand-out from the other runners?

I tend to embrace the silly nature of the game quite a bit – there’s a good chance I might decide to spice up some of my later runs for fun!