Announcement – 15/12/2020

Round Tables

ESA is pleased to announce the return of round tables. A round table is when a group meets to discuss specific topics. These have been a way for us at ESA to communicate updates to our community live on Twitch. Starting January 2021, we will bring round tables back to discuss and inform you on current matters.

You can email future topics, questions, concerns or suggestions to Each month we will pull topics from the community to share our thoughts on.

The first episode of the round table is scheduled for January 11th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Content Policy

Today ESA is announcing improvements to our content policy that will make it easier and more transparent for runners who have taken part in ESA events to showcase their runs on their own YouTube channel.

We have launched a simple form to request a reupload licence. Applicants can assume when applying that permission will be granted, subject to a few conditions outlined on the content policy. ESA commits to replying to requests within a few working days.

Permission can be requested for any run from any era of ESA, so long as an officially hosted copy of it exists on ESA or Twitch.

You can find a link to apply for permission within our revised content policy.