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European Speedrunner Assembly invites you to the latest instalment of the Summer speedrunning marathon, featuring a week of showcases in aid of Alzheimerfonden, the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation.


Responsible Organising Team

The staff organising team consists of Fredrik Lidholt (Edenal), Andrew Bell (Planks), and Ida Lidholt (Ida)

Event Homepage

The most up to date version of this document may always be found on the ESA homepage and should be referred to via the following link.


All attendees should join the ESA Discord chat server. Attendees should additionally link their ESA-profile to their Discord profile when prompted during the registration process. Both steps are mandatory for volunteers and runners as Discord will be the main tool for all forms of communication leading up to the event, including but not limited to DMs and group pings from organisers, volunteer team leaders, and the game selection team.

Event Hours

  • Volunteer badge collection: 0900 Thursday 18 July
  • Public badge collection: 1000 Friday 19 July
  • Stream 1 begins: Mid day Saturday 20 July, approx 0800 all other days
  • Stream 1 ends: Approx 0200 daily

Stream 2 follows the same daily routine however begins 24 hours later.

There will be limited access to side activity rooms after the daily shutdown and after 8pm on the final day (Saturday 27 July)

The event closes down fully after the conclusion of the stream on the final evening. Attendees are invited to assist with event teardown on Sunday.

Registration Fees

Registration takes place via the ESA Registration microsite

  • Early bird / release weekend (12 April – 14 April): 1350 SEK
  • General admission (15 April – 15 June): 1500 SEK
  • Late registration (15 June onwards): 1700 SEK

Please consult the registration site for exact sales windows in your own timezone.

A VIP ticket is available for those who wish to contribute an additional amount towards running the event. In return the ticket includes a number of extra perks including a unique name badge.

Complimentary registration is available through joining “Team ESA” and volunteering in one of the roles that make the event happen (see below)

Kids under 18 come free with parents, otherwise are full price. To claim this offer register personally and then email orgs@esamarathon.com with details of your full family.

Day Tickets

Day tickets are available at 600 SEK per day. These tickets are intended for friends and family of runners and are not valid for those submitting showcases.

Last minute registrations and day tickets should be bought prior to arrival from the ticket site. Anyone who arrives without a ticket reservation will be asked to use register on site using the same service.


Volunteers are required to transform the vision of the event into reality. In return for joining “Team ESA” most volunteers will receive a full discount on registration fees.

For team descriptions, see our guide to the volunteer teams at ESA

  • Volunteer Submissions Open: 26 April 2024
  • Volunteer Submission Close: 12 May 2024
  • Volunteer Confirmation: On or before 19 May 2024

Showcase Submission

Traditional speedruns are and always will be the bulk of the event. However, we invite and urge you to think outside the box and submit unique showcases, feats of skill, community projects, or just silly fun. In the past years, some of these have not only created the most memorable moments of their respective events or even ESA history, but also raised a significant amount of donations.

Please read our full submission guide and then submit via oengus.io between the following dates

  • Game Submissions Open: 19 April 2024
  • Game Submissions Close: 5 May 2024
  • First Picks: 19 May 2024
  • Chase Game Submissions Open: 7 June 2024
  • Chase Game Submissions Close: 9 June 2024
  • Schedule Release: 16 June 2024

The “Chase Game” submission window is your chance to submit any game that was unreleased at the time of main submissions, along with games we highlight as games we really want to see at ESA but have not yet been submitted.

Event Dinner

A three course group dinner will be held on Wednesday evening. Seat reservations are available through the registration site, and may be booked either at the time of registration or freely up until the deadline.

Hotel Booking

We have special rates agreed with three hotels, Quality Hotel View (the event hotel), Malmö Arena Hotel (500m walk) and Scandic Triangeln (downtown, 5 minute train ride, runs every 10 minutes).

Our recommendations

For single and twin rooms we highly recommend staying at Quality Hotel View which is directly connected to the event space

For triple and quad rooms we recommend Malmö Arena Hotel as they have a lot

For people who want to experience city dining and nightlife away from the event we recommend Scandic Triangeln

Booking links

Event Entrance and Check-in

Enter the Quality Hotel view and head up the wide staircase to the first floor. Badge collection takes place at the infodesk in the breakout area.

  • Volunteer badge collection opens: 0900 Thursday 18 July
  • Public badge collection: 1000 Friday 19 July

Travel and Parking

Please consult the ESA on-site attendee guide for our tips on how to get to ESA