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ESA Corona Relief is going to be a weekend long online speedrunning marathon in support of Save the Children’s Coronavirus Emergency appeal.

Each day will end with an extended Crowd Control run stretching far into the night to give the runner the best possible chance to come out victoriously and finish the run. After its conclusion the stream will go offline and start afresh at 0800 CEST (0200 EDT, 2300 PDT).

Key Dates

  • Submission Phase: April 26th – May 3rd (including)
  • Schedule Release: May 17th
  • Event Dates: May 28th – May 31st

If you are already familiar with the submission guidelines for our online marathons, not much will change. If not, please refer to the short summary of these guidelines below and to the complete information on the Game Submission Info page.

Please do not submit any Crowd Control runs through the submission form. They will be pre-selected in cooperation with Warp World.


There will be a limit of five submissions per runner. This includes different categories.

In order to maintain the high standards we have established on the ESA channel, we are setting some technical requirements. The following conditions apply:

  • Runners should be able to stream to Twitch at a bitrate of at least 2.5 Mbit. Depending on your game and resolution you might be able to get away with less. Submit your video and let us be the judge!
  • Runners must use a face camera for their run during the marathon. This is non-negotiable.
  • All submissions must be single system only (that means no races). Co-Op runs may be permitted if both runners can be at the same location and on camera, but please don’t jeopardize your own as well as your fellow humans’ health by travelling long distances to meet up. If you want to bring along a co-commentator via Discord, feel free to do so!

When submitting your game you will be asked to provide a short description about the game as well as the run/showcase/exhibition, a video showcasing it as well as information about your personal progress in the game. Make sure that this video also meets the specifications listed above!
Bonus points for submitting a video with marathon-like commentary!
Please state your availability during the event as clearly as possible (preferably in CEST) in your submission comment. We will do our best to keep all the different timezones in mind when creating the schedule.

For more information about the submission form, our guidelines and our philosophy, please refer to the Game Submission Info page.

Event Sponsors

ESA Corona Relief has been made possible by

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