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Welcome to ESA Speedrunning

ESA Speedrunning Marathons are week-long fundraising events featuring speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world.

The primary goal of each event is to raise more money than ever for our nominated charities Alzheimerfonden and Save the Children.

ESA Winter

2022: 12-19 Feb
2023: 18-25 Feb


During the event our community managed to reach a huge milestone and raise $106,405.59 for our charity partner Alzheimerfonden.

If you missed any of the showcases, we have all of them linked over here:


ESA Summer

2022: 23-30 Jul
2023: 22-29 Jul

Save the Children

Following an immensely successful ESA Winter 2022, ESA Summer 2022 will be returning to the homely conference space of the Quality Hotel View in Malmö (Sweden)!


Latest ESA News

ESA Summer 2022 – Registration begins

Event Registration

Registration to ESA Summer 2022 begins at 1600 CEST on Sunday 15 May 2022.

ESA invites you to pre-register on the new registration site, Sales will automatically unlock at the correct time.

As part of the booking process you will be able to book a number of add-ons that will enhance your ESA experience, including

  • ESA 10th anniversary dinner party
    • Multi-course dinner ball on the final Friday of the event
    • Photographer will be present
  • ESA “Airplane Mode” event shirt
  • The return of the ESA grey hoodie!!!
  • Discounted meal vouchers for the hotel buffet

Hotel Booking

Hotel booking for the main and overflow hotels will go live around the same time as event registration. Prices for the main hotel (Quality Hotel View) are as follows:-

  • Single: 704SEK/night
  • Double/twin: 456SEK per person per night
  • Triple: 373SEK per person per night
  • Quad: 330SEK per person per night
  • Booking links can be found on the event experience page beginning 16:00 15 May

As per previous events, online booking is only available for single and double rooms. Triple and Quad rooms should be booked by email. Please email only one time per group.

Game and Schedule

Game and schedule released first cuts on 6 May. Final cuts and schedule will be release on 29 May


Volunteering applications for all teams will run from 23 April through 22 May

Applicants can expect a final reply on or before 5 June




If you want to learn more about what ESA can offer, please send us a message through our sponsorships page and we’ll be in contact.

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