Week long marathon stream

A full week of content in aid of Save the Children

Tournament Room

A separate space for competitive gaming

Practice Space

A wide selection of current gaming PCs, TVs and HD Monitors on which to play your games

Arcade Room

Pinball machines, rhythm games and driving games for your leisure

Streaming Stations

2 PCs from which you can stream games to your viewers at home


A selection of board games in a quiet, dedicated space


Pay the magic forward by helping out run an element of the event

Complimentary Refreshment

Throughout the day a selection of tea, coffee, ice cream and popcorn is served in the breakout area

Convenient facilities

The Quality Hotel View is adjacent to a major mall with a train every 10 minutes to downtown Malmö

Convenient to get to

ESA is just a direct 10 minute ride away from Copenhagen Airport, 24 hours a day.