v3.1 – Slightly revised prior to ESA Summer 2021

Streaming and running at an online ESA marathon is not all that much more complicated than streaming to your own channel like you would usually do, but it will require some pretty substantial changes however so please read this guide carefully.

Someone from the tech crew will be contacting you shortly after the game schedule is released. That person will be your point of contact for any questions related to the stream, but here are some of the more notable points.

As of ESA Winter 2021, we are using a new split configuration

You will stream your game feed to twitch and your webcam/mic via

Please read the attached guide carefully and follow the instructions. This should be straightforward for console runners, most PC runners will require a virtual audio cable.

Audio Splitting and OBS Configuration

Please follow the steps in the attached step by step guide carefully. If you need any help understanding, or reach a point where it doesn’t work, please ask on discord in the runners channel.

Quality Requirements

  • Desired settings: 1280×720, 6000Kbps bitrate, 60fps
  • Minimum settings: 720×480, 2000Kbps bitrate, 20fps
  • A webcam is required, no exceptions. Face replacement software such as vtuber avatars are not allowed.
  • If know your game is 30fps or below, please stream at only 30fps

Please experiment to find what is the maximum you can achieve without dropping frames.


Your stream to Twitch should contain only game feed, stretched to fill the full 16:9 frame even if it is a 4:3 game. You are responsible for cropping. Please contact tech if you have special requirements for a second game feed.

Your mic must not go to this stream.

Please read the setup guide for more details.

Commentary and Audio

Webcam and commentary will be carried out via During your run setup tech will DM you a link which you need to open. Select your webcam and microphone when prompted by your browser.

We have a stand-alone app available that you can use to connect if for any reason you can not use a browser.

Notifications and Alerts

Do not include any alerts on the stream such as new followers, subscribers, cheers and donations. Nothing must be shown or heard that is not the game, yourself, your commentators or the donation reader.

Please mute all windows desktop alerts and VOIP alerts.

If you’re playing on Steam, make sure to disable the in-game notifications as well.

Please turn off the chat (both yours and the ESA one) once you’re live. Imagine you’re in front of a live audience, and focus on the game, communicating only with your co-commentators.


If you have any technical questions, please contact Tyr#3168 on the on the ESA Discord. We’re happy to help.