Streaming and running at an online ESA marathon is not much more complicated than streaming to your own channel like you would usually do. There are a few points that are slightly different however, so please be mindful of them.

Someone from the tech crew will be contacting you shortly after the game schedule is released. That person will be your point of contact for any questions related to the stream, but here are some of the more notable points.

Where to stream

Stream to your regular twitch tv channel, or if you would like an alt. Make sure to give us the proper link well in advance if that’s the case.

Quality Requirements

  • Desired settings: 1920×1080, 6000Kbps bitrate, 60fps
  • Minimum settings: 1280×720, 2500Kbps bitrate, 30fps
  • A webcam is required, no exceptions
  • If your bitrate is below 4500, we would prefer 720p 60fps over 1080p 30fps
  • If know your game is 30fps or below, please stream at only 30fps

Please experiment to find what is the maximum you can achieve without dropping frames.


You will be provided a layout template based on the aspect ratio of your game. Simply insert your game feed and camera feed in their respective areas. The rest of the layout is blank and you’re free to add whatever information you’d like there for the benefit of the viewers on your channel as those areas will be covered up by the layout on the ESA stream.

Make sure nothing overlaps the game or camera feeds, and do not use any other widgets, such as a timer, splits or an eyetracker.

Commentary and Audio

As a rough guide your game sound should be just below the top of the green in OBS Studio (-25dB) and all voices should be at the top of the yellow (-10dB). (Demo Link)

If your mic is “turned up” all the way and is still quiet, add a gain filter to it in OBS. If your co-commentators are quiet, they should turn themselves up first. Please ensure that the discord call is clearly audible before you begin your run!

The audio on the restream will come entirely from your stream. A discord channel on the ESA server will be provided for you and any commentators you wish to have. The donation reader will also be there with you.

All commentary must be in English.

Notifications and Alerts

Make sure to disable any alerts you might have for your stream, such as new followers, subscribers, cheers and donations. Nothing must be shown or heard that is not the game, yourself, your commentators or the donation reader.

Please mute all windows desktop alerts and VOIP alerts.

If you’re playing on Steam, make sure to disable the in-game notifications as well.

Please turn off the chat (both yours and the ESA one) once you’re live. Imagine you’re in front of a live audience, and focus on the game, communicating only with your co-commentators.


If you have any technical questions, please contact Tyr#3168 on the on the ESA Discord. We’re happy to help.