ESA x Kaspersky
Break the Record: LIVE

ESA x Kaspersky Break the Record: LIVE requires for crew in a variety of paid and volunteer roles.

To apply for these roles please do so through our user hub selecting the event in the drop down.


Casters are the on screen talent that present Break the Record: LIVE to the world. For DOOM Eternal, we are seeking three pairs of casters. Each pairing will have one play by play and one colour commentator.

Play by play commentators are there to describe the action, excite and inspire the viewer. They’re the face of the event and need to be able to find the right words in any situation.

Colour commentators are game knowledge experts who are able to dive into complicated speedrunning concepts for the viewer at home using simple terms. They should be able to support the play by play commentator with fun facts and trivia from not just this game, but the genre as a whole.

Job description

1) Prepare for the event by studying the DOOM Eternal NMG speedrun, rehearsing commentary and getting to know your co caster

2) Commentate for four to six hours on the day of the event

Technical requirements
  1. High quality webcam
  2. Studio microphone
  3. Internet connection capable of streaming at 3Mb

ESA can loan equipment on request to exceptional candidates who can not currently meet these requirements.

This is a paid role


BTRL observers support the casting team by taking notes and feeding them information that they can use to make the commentary interesting and engaging for those at home

Job description

1) Watch up to (4) concurrent incoming streams

2) Highlight to the casters via Discord key moments that they can talk about, such as reasons for resetting or particularly hot splits

3) Make Twitch clips of these key moments

This is a volunteer role (6x)


If you have any questions regarding BTRL recruitment, please email Planks at