• While on stream, runners are allowed to wear sponsored clothing. For example a branded shirt or baseball cap are allowed
  • Runners must take care to not present personal sponsors in a fashion that they may be confused as ESA sponsors.
  • ESA’s name or logotypes must not be used next to the logos of personal sponsors in marketing material produced by the runner or the personal sponsor


ESA will issue a press badge to any accredited journalist who applies in advance. Please complete the form below with your corporate email address and we will be in contact.


ESA has opportunities through our stream and our on site festival to grow your brand. We provide great value compared to conventional online advertising and can work with many sizes of budgets.

GDPR demands that we handle your personal information in a controlled fashion, so we can best handle your enquiry if you complete the form below. However if you would prefer to get in contact directly to set up a meeting please email lead organiser Fredrik Lidholt.

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