ESA Winter 2019 - First Accepts/"Cuts" and moving forward


A big thank you to everybody who submitted their runs to ESA Winter 2018. For the last two weeks we’ve been looking at your submissions and can now announce the first batch of accepted games.

Check out all the games and their current status here:

The 2nd stream

In the original post we hinted at the possibility of a 2nd stream, running only during daytime and filled with about two to four long games per day. We do in fact have enough submissions and resources to make this a reality. As of right now we plan on running this stream for about 12 hours on four days (tuesday to friday).
We are not confirming any games for this stream yet because we want to give you the opportunity to op out. If your run is longer than two hours, still pending and you don’t want it to be featured on this 2nd stream, simply send one of us a message on Discord (contact info below). Keep in mind that this is mainly a possibility for us to showcase runs we wouldn’t be able to fit on the main stream otherwise.

The status quo

All the games that are accepted will be part of the main stream.
All the games that are still “Pending” will be reviewed again in the time leading up to the schedule release on December 24th. The vast majority of these will still make it into the marathon, and we’ll be doing everything necessary to give at least one run to everybody.
All the games/categories that are rejected will most likely not show up in the first schedule drafts of either stream, but might still be considered as backups in case of dropouts.

We will contact the runners of Celeste, Cuphead and Super Mario: Odyssey in the next few days to figure out the best way to include these games. This is because we will only have a setup with two capture feeds, but more than two good runners for each of these games.

Moving forward

Now is the perfect time to get your tickets, book your hotel room and plan your travels. You’ll find the necessary information in the General Info Post.

You can still edit your submission. Let us know about your availability at the event and we’ll make sure to be mindful of that when creating the schedule.

As already stated in the original post about the submission process, we will reopen game submissions for chase games and unreleased games (info here) again between Thursday, December 20th and (including) Saturday, December 22nd.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, PM either Fatzke#4192, eTholon#5871 or IrregularJinny#2406 on the ESA Discord . We’re happy to help.


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