ESA Winter 2019 - Schedule Release


Merry Christmas to everybody! We don’t want to keep you long on this day, so without further ado we present the schedules for ESA Winter 2019:


Every game that is not part of a schedule is rejected for now, but part of a backup list. As usual these schedules are not completely final. There will be dropouts and changes that have to be made up until the event in February. Every run has the chance to make a comeback depending on what we’re looking for.

Alpha & Omega Block: These are our two open blocks that will be open to registration by attendees on-site. The scheduling team will curate the runs there and publish a running order for these blocks the day before they’re scheduled.

What now?

Get your tickets! All information can be found in the Main Post. The cutoff for shirt orders for collection purchased with your ticket is January 6th. Have a look at the design HERE. Spreadshirt will remain available all the way through to the end of ESA Winter.
Runners are required to have bought a ticket by February 4th. We will warn runners who don’t have one yet before the deadline.

If you want to know about rejection reasons, if we scheduled a run by accident outside of your availability or if you just have a general question/request, post in the thread on or PM either Fatzke#4192, eTholon#5871 or IrregularJinny#2406 on the ESA Discord. Mistakes happen, don’t hesitate if you spot one.

The same applies if you want to make changes to estimate, donation incentives or your run in general. Accepted runs are unable to be edited by runners at this point, so just send us a message and we’ll get it sorted.

Thank you for all your great submissions. See you in Växjö and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones as well as a Happy New Year 2019!


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