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Volunteering for hosting!


Greetings everyone! I hope Easter has been treating you well and that first cuts have been truly exciting.
It’s now time for volunteering season for hosts to open and we host organisers have sat down and revamped the entire system for this year, using feedback from last summer’s event and ESA Winter. The blocks this year w…

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ESA Summer 2018 - First Locks/Cuts and moving forward

With the horrible slaughter out of the way and the first batch of accepted games in the bag we move on closer and closer to the schedule release and ultimately the event in July.

Check out all the games and their current status here:


Total hours submitted: ~695
Total …

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ESA Summer 2018 - Submission Information Post

Submission status: CLOSED until May 10th (unreleased games)

End of submission phase: March 10th
First cuts & accepts: April 1st
Chase game submissions: May 10th to 12th
Final cuts & schedule: May 13th

This post was written by Fatzke

The game submission and scheduling team for this event are Fatzke, eTholo…

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ESA Summer 2018 - Master Information Post

ESA returns in summer 2018 with our flagship speedrun marathon, raising money once again in benefit of humanitarian organisation Save the Children. We are proud to announce that for the first time in two years we are moving venue, and moving city! ESA Summer 2018 will be held in the [Quality Hotel View, Malmö](https://www.nordicchoicehot...

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ESA Feb 2018 Replays Running Order

What follows is the running order for the February pre-ESA Winter 2018 restream of ESA 2017 VoDs

The vodcasts will begin at approx 2pm GMT / 3pm CET daily

Exact start times of runs are not confirmed.

Intermission segments are included but can be skipped if a channel editor is active.

Wednesday 14

- Hotline 2
- Mirror’s…

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ESA Winter 2018

ESA invites you to return to Växjö, Sweden for our first winter event! Taking place from 17 Feb to 25 Feb entirely within the Royal Corner, this will be a small event with a ‘second stream’ / old ESA feel.

Run submissions ->
Tickets ->
Hotels -> See below


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New website!

ESA Marathon have after extensive work launched its new website.
Thanks to a great job by Korken and Morgan we have now left our hosting after a couple of years close cooperation. Thanks Pac for this time.
We will still use the forums so we are not leaving completely.

For any feedback or suggestions regardi…

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